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ECETI (Trout Lake Wa)

Our Mission:

Unexplained Northwest Investigation Team is a non-profit organization based out of Washington
State and goes by (UNIT-WA). Our team researches and investigates historical sites, paranormal locations, and strange sightings such as Aerial phenomenon or unexplained encounters and mysteries. We also offer investigations of private residences or properties for owners who are experiencing unexplained activity.

We explore the historical sites and investigate the unexplained events that are associated with these sites.  Our devotion is to preserve these historical jewels that are exposed to elements and vandalism. We aim to present the historical role that these sites had and to unlock the unexplained mysteries
attached to them through the course of time.

We the UNIT investigate and validate the paranormal claims such as haunting and poltergeist activities. We document and verify through available records the origin and history behind such activities.

We the UNIT utilize our technical experience along with sophisticated equipment to investigate, to document and solve sightings of Aerial Phenomenon and close encounters.

The UNIT is dedicated to investigation and preservation of historical locations, paranormal sites
and to record the unexplained encounters. We bring documentary programs to the audience of witnesses, their experiences and the stories they tell for generations to come.

The UNIT can help with historical research, domestic and personal paranormal investigation. If you want to have us research and investigate then contact us. Let us know by filing a UNIT
report and tell us where you would like us to investigate.

Donate To The Cause:

Unexplained Northwest Investigation Team is a 501-C3 non-profit organizations. Your generous contribution will go to fund the purchase of equipment and the access to other historic sites.

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